R2GoogleMaps_0.2-0.tar.gz (18 July 2013)

This package provides a mechanism to generate JavaScript code from R that displays data using Google Maps. It is different from RgoogleMaps which allows one to import a static Google Map into R for use in, e.g., displaying the image on a graphics device.

This is an early prototype of the package and interface that provides the "obvious" facilities such as

It provides facilities for creating JavaScript code and mapping latitude and longitude pairs to JavaScript. It allows one to manipulate HTML documents for displaying Google Maps by leveraging the XML package. It uses RJSONIO to serialize options as associative arrays in JavaScript


The package requires very recent versions of the XML package and RJSONIO. (The XML version (2.6-0) is used to save the HTML appropriately.)


  • See a case-study tutorial.

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