The RAutoGenRunTime package

Last Release: 0.3-1 (11 Mar 2012)

This package provides functions and classes to support interfaces to native routines in C and C++ that are programmatically generated. The generated code requires supporting helper functions to simplify the generated code and this package provides those functions.

In most cases, this package is merely a required/dependent package that other packages require. In that respect, it will be install automatically via install.packages.


There are help pages for all of the functions. For the most part, users of this package do not need to concern themselves with the details of the functions in this package as the programmatically generated code provides, by design, an opaque interface to native code. However, the functionality in this package can be reused by others interfacing to native code.
Duncan Temple Lang <>
Last modified: Wed Jan 26 09:25:48 PST 2011