RExcelXML_0.5-0.tar.gz (03 March 2014)

This package provides an interface from R to read and manipulate new-style (Office '07) Excel files. These are xlsx files and are really zip archives containing many different sub-files that represent the content of the workbook and spreadsheets using XML.

We envisage adding more functionality to the package but hope it is of some value at this early point. In addition to the basic facilities the package exports, there are many supporting functions that other might find useful when building additional functionality.



This depends on

  • ROOXML used to read Office Open zip archives generally (i.e. for Word, Excel and PowerPoint files)
  • Rcompression for access the contents of zip files
  • XML for parsing XML
  • S4 methods
  • Documentation

  • a user's guide
  • Related Packages

  • The rcom and RDCOMClient both allow programmatic access to the Excel application and document model on Windows.

  • Duncan Temple Lang <>
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