Version 0.3-5

Removed references to R_GNUMERIC_PLUGIN variable. Should have been R_GNUMERIC_PROFILE.

Version 0.3-4

Install into users ~/.gnumeric directory in both regular and bonobo sub-directories. Can still specify the directory (or directories) by setting INSTALL_DIR environment variable.

Version 0.3-3

Initialization of error variable in the plugin startup code.

Version 0.3-2

Configuration up-dates.
Still cannot determine with what flags gnumeric was compiled.

Version 0.3-1

New format for plugin.xml
Simple fix for unconditional UNPROTECT() in RGnumeric_loadProfile() if file doesn't exist.

Version 0.3

Support for Gnumeric-0.73

Duncan Temple Lang <>
Last modified: Tue Apr 1 21:06:45 EST 2003