R-Gnumeric Examples

This is a collection of examples of the R-Gnumeric plugin. The simplest way to view them is to set the environment variable R_GNUMERIC_PROFILE to Profile
  • An sample profile for registering functions.
  • Another sample profile
  • A test of accessing cells from R
  • Simple regression example with output in a new sheet. lm.S & lm
  • A test of the GnumericCellRef class
  • A test of the inadvisable defining new functions in a spreadsheet itself.
    This, of course, can create circularities in the sheet and repeated definitions each time the cells are re-calculated.
  • An example of the different call features.
  • A test of the formatting of a cell
  • Example of using a graphics device as a separate window, connected to the calculations in the spreadsheet.
  • Simple example of displaying the result of a regression in a separate worksheet.
    This mirrors the regression tool in the standard gnumeric, and shows how easy it is to export statistical functionality.
  • Testing the ability to create a new sheet within a workbook.
  • Testing the ability to remove a sheet within a workbook
    I think this fails.
  • Tests the indexing in R of sheets within a workbook reference
    This uses the familiar [ operator to index a sheet by number of name.
  • Test of the [<- operator for sheet references
    This checks we can assign into cells from R.
  • Tests the CellRef class
    Uses the [[ operator to get a cell reference and then queries and sets the different attributes such as alignment, etc.
  • List of registered functions
    A list of the registered functions displayed in a worksheet.

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