Added 2 routines for handling color.


  • Handles when DISPLAY is not set or X11 server is not running without crashing.
    Also added Rgtk_addEventHandler() which can be called directly from R to add event handler.
  • 0.7-1

    This is a release to collect the cumulation of changes into a single
    gtkLabelGet function.
    gtkCListSetText and gtkCListGetText
    These are manually created and are vectorized in the row and column arguments. These use the same zero-based scheme as Gtk for indexing but a 1-based indexing mechanism can be specified using zeroBased = FALSE.


  • Luca Di Gaspero provided code to access the allocated width and height of a widget. See gtkWidgetGetAllocatedSize().
  • 0.6-15

  • Accessors for the Color Selection widget.
    Contributed by Robert Gentleman et al.
  • 0.6-14

    Code to generate registration table in RGtkInit.h didn't include the final NULL entry.
    Fixed in the RGtkBindingGenerator package and reprocessed the .defs files here.


  • Added GDK_CONFIGURE entry to the conversion to of Gdk events to S objects.
    Idea and patch from Robert Gentleman.
  • 0.6-12

    Fixed use of old-style representation in C code for gtkAdd().


    Many of the fixes from 0.6-5 have been motivated and/or fixed by Robert Gentleman and his group in Harvard/DFCI.
  • Fix to gtkShow() for newer representation .
  • Remove the internal documentation since it takes ~ 1 hour to install!
    The model for R CMD check needs to be enhanced to handle complex packages such as this and other inter-system interface packages.
  • 0.6-10

  • Register the routines from the gtk and gdk libraries that we might call directly (e.g. gdk_flush, gdk_button_get_type, ...)
  • 0.6-9

    Removed the error in configuration if we cannot find pkg-config.


  • Added an after argument to gtkObjectAddCallback.
  • gtkWidgetSetFlags(), gtkWidgetGetFlags()
  • Documentation fixed to pass R CMD check.
    Escaping characters in the alias and name fields.
  • 0.6-7

    Rgtk.h renamed RGtk.h.
    Other packages updated also.


    Added gtkObjectRef and gtkObjectUnref.
    findWidgetByType function for recursively searching a widget tree for a widget of the specified class.


    Trivial check for callback data being non-NULL when dealing with an expression or call as the callback.


  • One can provide an environment as the data argument When registering an expression or call as a callback (and not a function).
    This is used as the environment in which to evaluate the expression/call and so provide customizable scope.
  • 0.6-3

    R_gtk_main_quit added as a .C()-callable routine.


    A NULL C pointer is returned as NULL in S.


    Changed the cleanup.in file so that libRGtk.so gets built on Solaris and Debian as well as other Linux platforms.
    .GnomeClasses variable now named .GnomeUIClasses.




    Add RSCommon.h to inst/include for other packages to use.


    Added HTMLStream.c to the distribution to handle images in the HTML widget.


    Add time.h to Rgtk.h so that gdkAccessors.c would compile on machines that need it explicitly included.
    Since this is machine generated, need to add it to Rgtk.h or gtkUtils.h.


    Changed the configuration controls to --enable-gnome, --enable-gtkhtml, etc.


    Add gtkObjectRemoveCallback as synonym for gtkObjectDisconnectCallback.
    Added default arguments to gtkPanedPack1(), gtkPanedPack2() and gtkHTMLLoadFromString(). The GtkVBox and GtkHBox constructors also have default arguments for the homogeneous and padding arguments.
    Generation code is a separate package RGtkBindingGenerator.
  • Generic gtkNew function allows low-level creation of Gtk instances without class-specific constructor.
    This is useful in programmatic interfaces, e.g. glade.
  • Gnome initialization corrected. (Seg faults because of different signature from gtk_init()
  • libRGtk and the include files are available for other packages. Specifically, those packages that are created with the help of the RGtkBindingGenerator package.
  • 0.4-7



    The negation in the configuration script now appropriate for Solaris.


    Unprotecting at the end of the idle and timer function calls, avoiding overflowing stack.


    ulong in .defs mapped to gulong to handle systems that don't provide a definition for ulong (typically in types.h).

    Version 0.4-4

    Removed REval.{c,h} and use R_tryEval() from base.

    Version 0.4-3

    gtk_html_get_base() in the .defs file was declared as returning nothing, and hence the S function returned NULL.

    Version 0.4-3

    [[<-.GtkObject returns the object, not NULL.
    gtkObjectAddCallback() supports S expression or call objects in addition to regular functions.

    Duncan Temple Lang <duncan@research.bell-labs.com>
    Last modified: Sat Jun 3 09:17:13 PDT 2006