Embedded R Graphics Devices within GUIs

Using the R gtk device package, one can create a Gtk Drawing Area widget using, e.g. RGtk, and then arrange to have R use that widget as a regular gtk graphics device. In this way, one gets R graphics embedded within ones own GUI.
Simple but powerful applications of this includes
  • a scrolled graphics device
    Screen Shot
  • a collection of devices/widgets organized with a paned layout which provides handles or grips for interactively resizing the devices within the given area.
    Screen Shot
  • a graphics region within an HTML page, much like the R graphics plugin for Netscape via the SNetscape package.
    Screen Shot
  • The code to create these devices and plots is here.

    Martyn Plummer and I are working on a package that will provide this feature as a dynamically loadable package, avoiding the need to patch R and making this more flexible and extensible.

    Duncan Temple Lang <duncan@research.bell-labs.com>
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