• Some useful tools that also serve as examples for programming RGtk can be found in the package RGtkViewers.
  • command.S
    A simple GUI for the R command line.
  • testgtk.S
    An implementation in R of the testgtk application which provides examples of many of the widgets in Gtk. An less complete version that shows the code when the different convenience operators provided by the RGtk interface are not used is in testgtkRaw.S.
    Main Selection Tree & text widgets
  • gtkhtml.S
    Example using the gtkhtml widget for displaying HTML documents, including having embedded live/interactive widgets within the document. These can include the R gtk() graphics device and the contents updated using hyper-links, forms, other widgets each using regular R commands. See form.html, Rdevice.html for examples and some documentation.
    HTML Form Embedded widgets in HTML document
    Embedded graphics devices in an HTML widget: Basic & Lattice & Grid Tree and Notebook
  • notebook.S
    A simple example of a Gtk notebook.
  • devices.S
    Using the gtkDevice package, one can use Gtk drawing widgets as R graphics devices and these can be included as different elements of customized graphical interfaces.

    • devices layed out in a grid using gtkHPaned() containers that provide grips/handles (see the little grey thumb near the "end" of each line) that allow one to dynamically resize the different devices within a fixed size window. panedDevices.jpg,
    • a device within a scrolled window, scrolledDevice.jpg
    • a single device within a notebook. widgetAsDevice.jpg
  • Other Examples

  • Jim Robison-Cox's regression demo using RGtk.
    Screen shot.
  • StatDocs
    Labs for teaching statistics implemented using RGtk.

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