• Check the RGtk FAQ first.
  • When I use an OBJECT tag, nothing appears.
    • Did you make certain to close the OBJECT tag with an explicit </OBJECT>?
    • Did you provide a WIDTH and a HEIGHT attribute for the <OBJECT> node?
    • Is there support for the MIME type? If not, R will try to evaluate the <init> code and fail silently.
  • I can't use the <OPTGROUP> tag in the <SELECT> nodes for menus in forms? Is this supported?
    No, gtkhtml doesn't support this. It is in the HTML 4 specification.
  • Is there any way to access the elements in a form written in HTML from R code?
    Yes. The functions gtkHTMLGetForms and gtkFormGetElements give you access to each of the forms in a GtkHTML widget and all of their elements and information.
  • I'm using the RGtkViewers package and the facilities for having S code within an HTML document via the different MIME types for the <OBJECT> tag. When I do this, sometimes much of the document is missing or not displayed in the widget? What's the problem?
    A likely cause of this problem is that the R code you are embedding within the document contains a global assignment using the S operator <<-. Well, the gtkhtml code interacts with this specific sequence (actually &lt;-) specifically in an odd way and thinks it is part of a comment. And so the remainder of the document is omitted.
    How do you get around this? Install the PATCH for gtkhtml-1.1.6 or install the patched version.

  • Duncan Temple Lang <duncan@research.bell-labs.com>
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