The RGtkViewers package

The RGtkViewers package provides some graphical user interface (GUI) tools for interactively exploring some structural data. It provides viewers for
  1. Database structure
    This shows the hierarchical details of a Relational Database Management Server (RDBMS). It displays a tree giving
    • the databases;
    • the tables within each database;
    • the fields within each table.
    Screen view
  2. Widget Hierarchy
    This presents the tree describing the widget hierarchy of a given GUI. This can be used to learn how GUIs are put together and also can be extended to edit the properties of the individual GtkWidget objects.
    Screen view
  3. S4 Class Hierarchy
    This uses a tree to display the inheritance information for S4 classes, and also displays details about methods and slots for individual classes.
    Screen view
    Given S4's multiple inheritance, one might use a graph. There is some work on displaying graphs from/in R.
  4. Source code/File
    A simple view of a collection of files containing S-language code that provides a list of the functions defined in each file. This allows one to easily find functions and also view them.
    Screen view
  5. HTML viewer
    A simple browser that also provides support for using S code to
    • create and render <OBJECT> elements using S code,
    • handle links and form submissions.
    Screen view
  6. XML hierarchy viewer.
    A simple XML node browser that displays the hierarchical structure of XML nodes.
    Screen view
  7. Color scheme viewer.
    A GUI for viewing color schemes using the (currently) GGobi facility for reading color schemes from XML files.
    Screen view
  8. Gtk Inheritance & Property & Signal information.
    A GUI that displays the Gtk classes and their inheritance structure. Clicking on a Gtk class within the tree displays details about its properties/arguments (i.e. name, type and read/write status) and its signals. This is a convenient way to get correct information about a Gtk class.
    Screen view
  9. Multiple Repository package viewer and installer
    A simple display of different repositories such as CRAN, Omegahat and BioConductor showing their packages and the details for each one. This also allows individual packages to be installed. Screen view


The current version is available as a GNU-zipped tar file RGtkViewers_0.7-4.tar.gz

Installation is the basic

  R CMD INSTALL RGtkViewers_0.7-4.tar.gz
  tar zxf RGtkViewers_0.7-4.tar.gz


This package consists entirely of S-language code and works on any platform on which the RGtk package is installed. Different parts use the gtkhtml widget classes which are not currently available on Windows.


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