This package provides an R interface to a Ubigraph server for drawing interactive, dynamic graphs. We can add and remove vertices/nodes and edges in a graph and change their attributes/charactersitics such as shape, color, size.

Ubigraph is not open source software, but is available for free in binary form. It is a shame it is not open source as we might be able to build on it to extend its features.

This started as an example of using XML-RPC for inter-process communication.


The source is available from RUbigraph_0.1-0.tar.gz

This depends on XMLRPC, XML, RCurl.


  • Display a graph of Omegahat packages and their dependencies
  • Using a Ubigraph server object in R
  • Drawing 10 torii in a circle
  • Setting attributes
  • Illustrating different syntaxes for setting attributes
  • Removing nodes and edges
  • Screenshot

    A display of the Omegahat packages and their dependencies. The code to create this is in packages.R When running a RUbigraph session, one can interact with the plot. Packages colored red are Omegahat packages. The others are from base or CRAN

    Here we zoom in on the large cluster of related packages and see that these relate mostly to XML. These are the core of the book Deb Nolan and I are writing.

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