Rffi for run-time invocation of arbitrary compiled routines from R

Last Release: 0.3-0 (26 Jan 2011)

This package provides a way to invoke arbitrary compiled routines (e.g. C/C++) from within R without having to develop, compile and load wrappers for those routines in C/C++. This is an interface to libffi which provides portable facilities for invoking foreign/compiled routines based on the types of their parameters and return value. The code in libffi takes care of putting the arguments on the stack and invoking the routine and marshalling the return value back. The Rffi package provides a layer on top of this to allow R objects to be passed as arguments to these routines and for the return values to be returned as R objects.

This is an alternative to explicitly writing C/C++ code to interface to existing C/C++ routines and then compiling and loading that compiled code in order to be able to invoke the original compiled routines. The package allows one to do this entirely within R code and within an R session rather than ahead of time.

Because this is dynamic, run-time invocation of arbitrary routines, there is an overhead that is not present when one manually creates interfaces to routines where the parameter types, etc are known at run-time. Similarly, there is less protection from passing arguments of the wrong type. However, there are benefits to this dynamic system and there are some type checks.

This package can be combined with meta-computing facilities for getting information about C/C++ routines automatically (e.g. RGCCTranslationUnit that provide a dynamic mechanism for strongly checked, automated bindings to arbitrary C/C++ code.


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