22 Feb 2010


This package provides an R interface to the Zillow Web Service API. It allows one to

  1. get the Zillow estimate for the price of a particular property specified by street address and ZIP code (or city and state)
  2. find information (e.g. size of property and lot, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, year built.) about a given property
  3. get comparable properties.
One needs a (free) login for Zillow to access the Web service.

The following gets the estimate

 est = zestimate("1280 Monterey Avenue", "94707", zillowId)
where zillowId is a string giving the Zillow key you obtained when you registered to use the Zillow Web Service.

We can get the comparables with

 comps = getComps(c("1280 Monterey Avenue", "94707"), zillowId)
 comps = getComps(rownames(est), zillowId)
Then we can plot these with

Duncan Temple Lang <duncan@wald.ucdavis.edu>
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