The RGtkBindingGenerator package

The RGtkBindingGenerator package is a meta-package that is used to generate S and C code that interfaces to one or more Gtk libraries. Essentially, this processes a description of Gtk classes, routines, enumerations, etc. defined in the C library and generates S language bindings for these so that they can be used directly from within S. This package can be used to conveniently create interfaces to any Gtk-based library, such as gnome, gtkhtml, gtkextra, Gtk Embedded Mozilla, zvt, ggobi, and so on.


The current version is available as a GNU-zipped tar file RGtkBindingGenerator_0.3-1.tar.gz

This uses the Python module generate which is distributed as part of pygtk. It may be already installed on your machine (often in /usr/local/share/pygtk/1.2/codegen or /usr/share/pygtk/1.2/codegen), in which case you can include that directory in the PYTHONPATH environment variable. Alternatively, you can install the pygtk package and then the generate module within it by first following the instructions in the INSTALL file in the downloaded package and then changing directory to generate/ and issuing the command make install there (with the approriate priviliges). Then, you can set the PYTHONPATH variable to include the directory into which the generate module was installed.

Also, you will need to have the RSPython package to be able to call Python from R.

See the README and INSTALL files for instructions on using and installing the package.

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    This package provides a mechanism for calling Python functions from R and vice-versa. This is used in the automated generation of the RGtk bindings between R and the C libraries of Gtk, Gnome, etc. We use the parser of the defs files provided by the pygtk interface.

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