The RObjectTables package

This package allows one to use R objects and functions to define classes of objects that can be attached to the R search path and used to manage variables that are available to the R user. The primary motivation is to allow external data from other applications, languages, storage formats, etc. be treated as R variables without explicit conversion by the user. The mechanism also allows one to provide different types of tables for handling regular R objects. Some applications include
  • Attaching variables from other languages such as Python, Perl, Java, JavaScript.
  • Datasets from other connected or embedded applications such as Relational Database Management tables, ggobi, other languages, etc.
  • The CORBA naming service which is a hierarchical collection of name-object bindings.
  • Implementing serialization using a different formats such as XML, SAS, SPlus, Matlab.
  • Serializing and deserializing to a directory, or a remote server such as an HTTP or FTP directory.
  • Support type specification and checking of variables.
  • Visualization of the contents using RGtk or Tcltk.
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  • An initial description of the mechanism. PDF
  • The R manual for this package.
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